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Monday, May 2, 2016

wasps and Siri

Well this week is kind of going slower than normal. My comp is kind of slowing down but things are still going well. We probably should have had more success in this area this change than we did, but I'm hoping I will get another change here to throw everyone in the water haha. We are going to have at least one baptism this change though. The grandson of the lady we baptized. They are such a good family and always give us food and are some of the strongest members right now.

So ya that's kind of what's going on right now, but I did buy a pair of Jordan basketball shoes for 4 dollars and we helped move this family in the ward, and we were the only priesthood to show up. 

Also we were contacted my Jehovah witnesses when I was wearing my street clothes at the bishops house and they were talking and then I turned around and they saw my plaque and took off running haha it was kind of funny but I respect them for what they are doing.

During study these wasps, like over 300, flew over and into our house and swarmed everything and I have no idea where they came from. But they weren't mad and no one got stung haha so that is good I guess.

Also something SWEET!!! SIRI CAN UNDERSTAND ME IN SPANISH!!! I know I'm sorry I broke a rule but someone asked me to talk to Siri in the third Iphone I have seen here and I tried it and it was kind of cool haha but I had a conversation with her in Spanish hahaha.

Also my comp was sick yesterday so if you guys could pray for him, Elder Quintanilla, I would love that. Also if you guys could could you guys pray for Dilan, Aresteres, and Diana because they are close to being baptized and I would love to have your guyses prayers specifically for them. 

ANNDDDDD....that's about it, but.. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! Almost.... haha next week but I won't get to write until next week. I can't wait to call her though. :) SHE IS THE BEST MOM I HAVE EVER HAD hahaha, and the BEST MOM EVER!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM!!!! You have been such a great example to me, and have helped me in every aspect of life and without you I would be nothing! I can't explain how much you have done or mean to me, but, you are amazing and I will call you Sunday and explain more haha. Hope everyone there is treating you nice!! You deserve the best!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! I am okay :)

bishop and my new Jordans :)

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