El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, January 25, 2016


THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!!!! I wore my suit for the first time and I SHOOK ELDER COOKS HAND!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!! And during his talk I felt the spirit the strongest I have in my whole life except for maybe my patriarchal blessing. IT WAS INSANE!!! And we went to Wendy's after so wow!

Also on interchanges people ask me if I know English, which they used to assume but now they believe me if I tell them I'm from Mexico and it is really cool, haha I really feel my Spanish is good. I am very lucky to be able to have learned it so fast.

Also I held a wild bird, just wanted to throw that out there haha, and I held a human bone and that was gross. But I still can play basketball!!!! I played 4 on 1 and I won...hahaha it was fun. Just yesterday it was COLD!!!! I was freezing!!! And I don't know what happened! I slept with a hoodie on and no fan. I don't know what happened to the weather or where all the heat went but I want it back!!!

This was also a crazy fast week and this week we are going to talk with the son of Hermano Siro, my first baptism, and try and get him baptized so please pray for him if you wouldn't mind. But besides that everything is going good. Everybody in my ward knows my name so I feel pretty happy haha, but not my companions. And they are so nice just this is such a small, not too strong of a ward no offense but I know I am where I am needed right now. We are doing tons of work with the members and less actives instead of investigators and we are having lots of success. I am so blessed!!! I hope all is going well with you guys and until next time!!!!

More info about Elder Cook:

me posing haha

First Sunburn really out here
Mosquitoes, Package from Grandparents (cocoa pebbles)
and a human bone....

There is a huge ongoing party in my area... haha but it's kind of cool

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wow...almost half a year...

Good week this week!! Just CRAZY FAST holy cow it feels like just one day ago I was writing you guys and I don't have much to say haha. ummmm...how are you lol.

I saw "The Nights" music video not on purpose but it is a great video!! And song!! I love that song, also I want "it's been a long time" to be playing when I get home from my mission haha. But anyways...we didn't have water for 3 or 4 days so that was cool...my comp was sick one day so we didn't leave until four. Spanish is seeming really easy haha, I am very lucky there I just don't know how much I will remember if I go to Belize. But I have taught TONS of English and am still continuing to do so!!!

My companion is good and everything seems to be going good! We are helping our ward (local congregation) a lot cause our ward needs tons of help. One of the things I have realized on my mission was how lucky of a ward I had. How good and strong and amazing it was and that's honestly one of the things I miss the most, but I know I'm where I should be helping them be that kind of ward someday.

Today we are going to the beach...AGAIN! haha.  A box of Mac and Cheese here is only 15 cents, I'm not sure how much it is there, just letting you guys know. Sorry this is an awkward email I just don't know what to say haha. But thank you all so much for your support and Emails!!!! I love you guys and if you have any question feel free to ask!!! :)

Just something sad I figured out was that our last baptism apparently has a kid...that I did not know and he drunk on new years so if you guys could please pray for him to have the desire to stop I would love that! Thank you so much for all you guys do and have a great week!!! :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

todavia estoy aqui

Hey!!! For all of you who are asking, I am still in the same area...the smallest area of the mission haha just reknocking doors :P I must be missing something haha. Actually this week was the first time really in my mission where I had a witness that I am where I need to be with the right companion.

My new companion is Elder Echeverria. He has an interesting past, even in the mission but he is a great missionary!! We are doing so good and we are teaching amazing!!! He will have a year in the mission when I have 6 months. Almost everyone in the mission that came out with me except Elder Hallman is training. It is crazy, and I had a meeting with president and he said he didn't want to start me training because he wants to send me to Belize next change!!! :D I would be like the first one in our group to go!!

Also we get a new mission president in June and everyone is saying the mission is going to split. And if I am in Belize in that change, then I will most likely stay there the rest of my mission. That would kill my Spanish but I would learn Creole and Chinese!! haha super cool!!!

But anyways...my companion is amazing!! He is from Honduras and complains about this area but he works so hard! It`s kind of like a funny complain! haha. Also we found someone with a washing machine that will let us use it for free! Finally I won't use up all my mornings washing ahaha.

Monday we went to this BEAUTIFUL private beach and played football, frisbee, and soccer, and honestly it was the most beautiful and perfect beach I have been too, and it was one of the most fun times I have had in my life!

During changes I saw Elder Herrerra and I love that guy!!! He really was a great guy. He just ended his mission and honestly I kind of miss him haha.

But anyways, everybody here along with telling me I'm getting fatter, is telling me my Spanish is perfect except for my R's, haha but they don't really use the double R's or S's here in El Salvador. I love it!! I ate a pupusa loca nad it was HUGE!!! Holy cow...hahaha. But besides that everything is going great!!! I love it here :) Hope all is well up there!!!! I love you guys!!!

Bought this belt off a bus for a dollar and Elder Hallman drew me a map to help me out in Utah


huge pupusa and teaching piano

Monday, January 4, 2016


I have no idea how in the world it is 2016 but it is!!! My new years was pretty normal. Walked around and ate a lot of chumpe, which is pavo in other countries and turkey there in the states.

This was a great week!!! Elder Hallman fixed my hair because the hair cut lady messed it up, just he was being a brat when I had to go pee at a members house...he wouldn't stop talking -_- hahaha! But everything is going good! I`m kinda nervous for changes to be honest!!! There was a random gringa in our church this Sunday...that was kind of weird. Apparently she served here in this mission about 8 months ago.

We taught an English class to a ton of youth, and have been teaching piano to this investigator that we have. I've been saying good bye to a lot of people because I think I am going but I could stay!!! That would be really cool!! I watched the people kill the chumpe though and that was gross, and I found out nobody peels oranges with their fingers. Elder Hallman and I were doing that and they got mad at us because we weren't using a knife...haha.

New years was crazy at midnight and I felt like I was in war! There were fireworks EVERYWHERE!! And so close to our house!!! And also on new year I burned my "latter-day Saint shirt" and that was sad :( But besides that, it is still hot as ever. People are still calling us pretty gringos with pretty eyes and cool skin haha :P Elder Hallman is probably sick of me singing one of my favorite songs "Stressed out" from 21 pilots.

I have officially been bit by a dog which president says if you don't get bit by a dog then you aren't a missionary...but I kind of cheated because it was a newborn dog and I kept putting my finger in it`s mouth but it still counts haha!

Played and ran from an angry iguana in our house, and that's about it haha! I hope all is going well!! I heard Justin Beiber is getting famous again...I'm sorry haha! But I love you guys and hope you guys had a great new year!!!!

Sorry...ew haha!

Technically he wasn't our pet so we didn't break any rules hahaha. We only kept her for 15 minutes to get rid of her. I have so many funny videos but I can't send them :P