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Monday, January 25, 2016


THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!!!! I wore my suit for the first time and I SHOOK ELDER COOKS HAND!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!! And during his talk I felt the spirit the strongest I have in my whole life except for maybe my patriarchal blessing. IT WAS INSANE!!! And we went to Wendy's after so wow!

Also on interchanges people ask me if I know English, which they used to assume but now they believe me if I tell them I'm from Mexico and it is really cool, haha I really feel my Spanish is good. I am very lucky to be able to have learned it so fast.

Also I held a wild bird, just wanted to throw that out there haha, and I held a human bone and that was gross. But I still can play basketball!!!! I played 4 on 1 and I won...hahaha it was fun. Just yesterday it was COLD!!!! I was freezing!!! And I don't know what happened! I slept with a hoodie on and no fan. I don't know what happened to the weather or where all the heat went but I want it back!!!

This was also a crazy fast week and this week we are going to talk with the son of Hermano Siro, my first baptism, and try and get him baptized so please pray for him if you wouldn't mind. But besides that everything is going good. Everybody in my ward knows my name so I feel pretty happy haha, but not my companions. And they are so nice just this is such a small, not too strong of a ward no offense but I know I am where I am needed right now. We are doing tons of work with the members and less actives instead of investigators and we are having lots of success. I am so blessed!!! I hope all is going well with you guys and until next time!!!!

More info about Elder Cook:

me posing haha

First Sunburn really out here
Mosquitoes, Package from Grandparents (cocoa pebbles)
and a human bone....

There is a huge ongoing party in my area... haha but it's kind of cool

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