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Monday, January 4, 2016


I have no idea how in the world it is 2016 but it is!!! My new years was pretty normal. Walked around and ate a lot of chumpe, which is pavo in other countries and turkey there in the states.

This was a great week!!! Elder Hallman fixed my hair because the hair cut lady messed it up, just he was being a brat when I had to go pee at a members house...he wouldn't stop talking -_- hahaha! But everything is going good! I`m kinda nervous for changes to be honest!!! There was a random gringa in our church this Sunday...that was kind of weird. Apparently she served here in this mission about 8 months ago.

We taught an English class to a ton of youth, and have been teaching piano to this investigator that we have. I've been saying good bye to a lot of people because I think I am going but I could stay!!! That would be really cool!! I watched the people kill the chumpe though and that was gross, and I found out nobody peels oranges with their fingers. Elder Hallman and I were doing that and they got mad at us because we weren't using a knife...haha.

New years was crazy at midnight and I felt like I was in war! There were fireworks EVERYWHERE!! And so close to our house!!! And also on new year I burned my "latter-day Saint shirt" and that was sad :( But besides that, it is still hot as ever. People are still calling us pretty gringos with pretty eyes and cool skin haha :P Elder Hallman is probably sick of me singing one of my favorite songs "Stressed out" from 21 pilots.

I have officially been bit by a dog which president says if you don't get bit by a dog then you aren't a missionary...but I kind of cheated because it was a newborn dog and I kept putting my finger in it`s mouth but it still counts haha!

Played and ran from an angry iguana in our house, and that's about it haha! I hope all is going well!! I heard Justin Beiber is getting famous again...I'm sorry haha! But I love you guys and hope you guys had a great new year!!!!

Sorry...ew haha!

Technically he wasn't our pet so we didn't break any rules hahaha. We only kept her for 15 minutes to get rid of her. I have so many funny videos but I can't send them :P

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