El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

everything is good...

Hey I hope everone is good :) I am good :) have a good day :)

I really have no idea what to write...but....everything is good...I am hoping to baptize soon because we have a lot of potential we just need to reach it.

We did this cool service project on Tuesday that took all day. We helped cut down trees and leveled this yard which was huge and like a mountain in the middle and we leveled the whole thing. Just I couldn't take pictures there sorry. We also went to San Salvador for my companion to get a knee brace so things are getting better.

Also I am getting way better at soccer. I'm not at the par with these Latinos but I hope one day to be a competition haha, I do make some pretty good moves once a while though. I also found a cool quote by Thomas S. Monson. "one cannot forget mother and remember God. One can not remember mother and forget God." So that was really cool because I have an amazing mom!! :)

But anyways...alsoooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURTIS!!!!!! The second oldest brother!!! I hope everything is going good. He is going to be a Senior!! He put up with me for a long time and now has a break without me haha but I know he will miss me one day. Hope you are good buddy and it will be cool to see where you go on your mission!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Also if you guys wouldn't mind pray for familia chaves. They are having problems with alcohol. But thank you for all that you guys do and I love you guys!! Take Care!!! :)

service and haircut today

Monday, April 18, 2016

God protected me...

I'm getting bored of these emails haha I really don't know much to say that is different. I hope everything is going well with you guys!! ummmm...this week was good I guess haha. Everybody had interviews with the president and it sounds like I will stay in my area one more change and then head off to Belize! It is crazy how fast time flies!!!

I kind of half way got bit by a dog but God protected me haha and there are no marks or anything but wow that was scary because it was a huge dog and I knocked the door and it ran around back and attacked me haha. but everything is good :)

Ummm... I am starting to wrestle with my companion when I am stressed and he is the cause of it and it is fun because I feel so much better haha but it isn't figthing so I don't think it's breaking the rules :) haha but he is an amazing comp and I just love wrestling with him because he is small and it makes me feel good and he always starts it so I'm not picking on him hahaha! No he is a great guy and I love him!

But this week really nothing happened that much, we have so many people so close to baptism but I don't know, haha we need more time here it feels like. also I got on in the bus where I went to this area where apparently no Gringos go and I got in the bus and all the kids and old people were just staring at me the whole time....like they didn't blink or look in front of them or anything...haha that was kind of weird. Also there isn't a word for awkward in Spanish I don't think so it is hard to explain that feeling to my comp haha. But that was cool haha.

I went to the gym to build up muscle instead of fat, and now my arms are killing me. Rigby is so strong and expects everybody to be that strong hahaha :P ALSO IT RAINED FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE LIKE OCTOBER!!!! I haven't seen rain since yesterday!!! Woohoo!!! hahaha it is such an amazing feeling and it really does clean the earth like in one of my favorite baptism songs.

I also blessed the sacrament for the first time in Spanish and that was cool. :) andddd wellllll..... I am doing good haha. President said he loved me and I was a good missionary :) Annnnndddd...my mom still loves me :) So everything is going perfect haha!

*I told Brandon that was a nice wedding ring and this was his response...
hahahah I got a cool one from El Salvador for 3 dollars...
hahaha it's so I can tell other girls no mom :P

Monday, April 11, 2016

poco a poco

This was a really good week I guess haha they are all good so I don't really know what more to say. But I am doing good and healthy and my companion is doing good and healthy, just we had to go to San Salvador for his knees but everything is going well with him. I gave him my knee brace and he seems to be doing better. I love him and he is good.

We found this amazing family we brought to church and we helped with the strollers crossing the roads and everything and the mom didn't really like it I don't think, she seemed kind of bored but the kids were in love and crying when they had to leave haha :P But I love the mission.

Just hiked the volcano and I'm so tired but I used sunscreen so I hope I'm not too burnt haha. Ummmmm... oh something sad, the husband of our baptism started drinking and he is having a hard time stopping so please pray for him, but his wife is doing super good and firm and we are working with her grandchildren and maybe they will get baptized and go on missions so please pray for familia chaves chacon.

ummmmm...besides that things are going pretty normal I guess haha. I still feel like I am waiting for January to start and people say it's April and I get really confused...hahaha but I love this mission and everything is going great!!! ummmmm...thank you for all you guys do and choose one thing you guys can do to be better and stick with it to become more like Christ. poco a poco as they say here!! Take care and SALU!!!!

 cool thing the zone leaders did!
 I drew sister smith :P
 zone leaders birthday!

 volcano again!

Monday, April 4, 2016

God watches over us even when we are dumb and forget things haha

I honestly don't know what to say but I'm happy and conference was amazing and I'm still in my area anddddd....ya haha :) I love you guys Salu pues!!

I'll do another one because I am bored haha. Well...I stayed in my area with the same companion so I am so happy!!! :) And conference was AMAZING!! just the electricity kept cutting out so...the talks were kind of spotty, (I think that's the right word) especially my favorite Elder Hollands :( Right when he was starting to get loud it cut off.. but it was still amazing!! :)

I am getting FAT!! I know my mom and dad don't believe me probably but it is true...haha. annndddd... we are doing good just people won't really open their heart right now and it kind of makes me feel bad as a missionary and stressed but my companion and I are doing a good job and I feel pretty good about all the work we are doing!

Just struggling for baptisms, we had one as a house last change. and everyone in our mission is struggling right now. But the Book of Mormon really helps and has so many examples of missionaries in these countries teaching and it is really cool and sometimes I feel just like them haha :P but! I realized at a meeting, even if I didn't baptize a single person, or help anyone or anything, the mission would still be worth it because of the AMAZING missionary friends that I have made! They are so amazing and such great loving guys! and we are ALL going to live in Utah after (granted most of the people already live there haha) but it is really sweet!!

Time is flying by and it makes me sad because I want to do more and I feel like I have barely any time left and I have barely done anything, but we will see!! :) But, I had Iguana eggs...those are weird to eat, and I moved this dirt mountain with shovels and a wheel barrow, and a half a foot wide wooden plank leading up to the top of the mountain to move the dirt, and you had to run or else you wouldn't make it to the top. That was hard, and falling or having the wheel barrow fall off the side stunk..hahaha but it was really fun and took most of the day one day :P

I saw one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE/MISSIONARIES EVER!!!!, leave his mission Wednesday and I have never seen him cry, and he didn't cry until he got to the van to leave. I left everybody to go talk to him and he was bawling his eyes out and it penetrated my heart. I am scared for this day, but it's not coming for a while haha so I am okay. But Elder Talledo is his name.

Also two more things, we were walking in the most dangerous area (which mom it isn't dangerous at all) at night because we helped people carry water to their house... and my comp looked in his backpack and everything for his flashlight because it is pitch black in this jungle. So we were peeing our pants and talking to the people trying to figure out a plan, and they thought they could walk with us...but that's not a good idea here. We tried figuring out the safest routes and everything but, it didn't seem to be going well. So we said a prayer with the family, and at the end of the prayer my companion starts freaking out! He said " I feel something moving in my pocket!" He reached in and out pulled the flashlight...coolest thing ever! And then we made it safe back :) God watches over us even when we are dumb and forget things haha. and the other thing is my comp. says hi :) But take care you all!! Work hard andddd...CTR!!! :) Salu pues!!!!

What does salu puez mean? 
like....good bye I think haha I know how to use it but I'm not really sure what it means haha!

Funny pictures of friends :P 

Conference with Rigby!!!