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Monday, April 11, 2016

poco a poco

This was a really good week I guess haha they are all good so I don't really know what more to say. But I am doing good and healthy and my companion is doing good and healthy, just we had to go to San Salvador for his knees but everything is going well with him. I gave him my knee brace and he seems to be doing better. I love him and he is good.

We found this amazing family we brought to church and we helped with the strollers crossing the roads and everything and the mom didn't really like it I don't think, she seemed kind of bored but the kids were in love and crying when they had to leave haha :P But I love the mission.

Just hiked the volcano and I'm so tired but I used sunscreen so I hope I'm not too burnt haha. Ummmmm... oh something sad, the husband of our baptism started drinking and he is having a hard time stopping so please pray for him, but his wife is doing super good and firm and we are working with her grandchildren and maybe they will get baptized and go on missions so please pray for familia chaves chacon.

ummmmm...besides that things are going pretty normal I guess haha. I still feel like I am waiting for January to start and people say it's April and I get really confused...hahaha but I love this mission and everything is going great!!! ummmmm...thank you for all you guys do and choose one thing you guys can do to be better and stick with it to become more like Christ. poco a poco as they say here!! Take care and SALU!!!!

 cool thing the zone leaders did!
 I drew sister smith :P
 zone leaders birthday!

 volcano again!

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