El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017


Well so this week was pretty normal as well haha. I guess things are just normal for me now, I don't remember what "Normal" is. But my companion and I are getting along great which really helps. But here in Bullet tree is super nice!

There is this gringo who lives here named Austin, and he is 24 and he married a girl here and now lives here so that is super confusing in church... haha but besides that... I am getting pretty good at soccer and super bad in Basketball. I am eating and loving all the rice and beans here! Wow! I can't believe I didn't like beans before the mission. Now I can't live without them #WordOfWisdomProbs

But anyways... it is hot!! I am turning RED! haha which is kind of cool, I can start my own race. Oh and I cut my comps hair... I think its in my genes from my mom because I did an alright job haha.

Just there are bees everywhere in our house!! My comp got stung yesterday haha while on the phone, I should feel bad for him but it was kind of funny haha. But anyways, TAKE CARE!!! KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!! Do the book of mormon challenge from the prophet :)

Monday, April 17, 2017

BE HAPPY! But not worldly happy...be happy by doing what's right and God will fill you with joy...

Hey I am here in Bullet tree!! I got changes I forgot if I wrote that! My companion is Elder Gaona from Mexico! He is amazing!! But literally we live in the middle of a Jungle away from EVERYTHING!!! There isn't even a place to cut hair here. Glad I halfway learned haha.

But things are going good. It is super peaceful where I am which gives me a ton of time to think which is good and bad sometimes haha with only 2 changes left. But I love it here and we are going to see miracles!

I am back to playing the little keyboard that no one can hear in Sacrament but it is amazing! Also if any of you need to go shopping, come to Belize. Wow it is amazing!

But anyways... things are great! I am way far away from the ocean, right by Guatemala right now so it is a lot different but really cool! I hope everything is going great!!

BE HAPPY!!! But not worldly happy... be happy by doing what's right and God will fill you with joy, the greatest joy we can experience as we do what's right.

 these shoes were expensive haha but I have basketball shoes!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Bullet Tree in Cayo

HEY!! This week was super normal just it is getting so hot! Wow. But things are going good. I have changes on Wednesday. I am going to Bullet tree in Cayo and I will be with Elder Gaona. It should be nice! I really don't like packing though haha but goodbye ocean. But time is flying by! It is sad and weird.

But I hope you all are doing well and remembering the conference!!! I hope everything is well!! Keep on doing what's right!! I will miss Garifuna food so if anyone can learn how, that would be super amazing! haha. But sorry I don't know what else to write!! If anyone has questions of suggestions I will add them next week haha. Take care!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

pick your favorite talk and do...

This week was great because of conference!!! Even though I was pretty dang sick for it. I got a blessing last night though and I feel better, but I felt awful. I managed through though and conference was so amazing!! I loved it!

IT IS GETTING HOT THOUGH!!! Holy cow the weather has changed so much this week! It is insane!! But things are doing good. The work is moving along slowly but surely.

It is hard knowing what to write anymore haha sorry...I really don't know what else to say. But..... ummmmm... the dogs that were always following us moved to the other elder's area :( That made me a little sad :(

But besides that...some Elders have been telling me I'm on the less than 100 day countdown...like what the world...but that is still a lot of time to work!! haha I am trying to work hard!!

But anyways, my invitation to you all is to pick your favorite talk and DO ALL THE INVITATIONS THAT THEY ASK US TO DO!!! You will find joy and be happy :)