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Monday, April 3, 2017

pick your favorite talk and do...

This week was great because of conference!!! Even though I was pretty dang sick for it. I got a blessing last night though and I feel better, but I felt awful. I managed through though and conference was so amazing!! I loved it!

IT IS GETTING HOT THOUGH!!! Holy cow the weather has changed so much this week! It is insane!! But things are doing good. The work is moving along slowly but surely.

It is hard knowing what to write anymore haha sorry...I really don't know what else to say. But..... ummmmm... the dogs that were always following us moved to the other elder's area :( That made me a little sad :(

But besides that...some Elders have been telling me I'm on the less than 100 day countdown...like what the world...but that is still a lot of time to work!! haha I am trying to work hard!!

But anyways, my invitation to you all is to pick your favorite talk and DO ALL THE INVITATIONS THAT THEY ASK US TO DO!!! You will find joy and be happy :)

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