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Monday, March 27, 2017

Watch Conference this week!!!

Hey this week was cool. We had interviews with the mission president and we slept in the APs (assistants to the mission president) house because we live far and then had a Multizone (meeting/conference) on Friday. It was super nice.

Things are going well. I have really been trying to be the best missionary that I can be. The countdown has started to hit me and become real... it is a scary feeling. But I had the cool opportunity to watch the womens general conference!! It felt super short but it was amazing!! I translated the whole thing to a lady sitting next to me who only spoke spanish. The spirit really helped me on that one haha.

I really want to go to El Salvador so please pray that the Lord can have his will that I go there, but if not I could stay here. A family that we completed the baptism are going to get sealed (eternal family in the temple) in June. That is really amazing!!

But besides that, not much has been happening different here. But I hope that you guys are doing amazing and that the weather is getting warm there!! Keep it up!!

ALSO WATCH CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!! Member or not, the prophet and the apostles of Jesus Christ for the world are going to talk. Imagine if you had the opportunity to hear Peter, James, John...God is the same yesterday today and forever. That is something I don't think many people would miss. It will be inspired and amazing!! Take care!! Do what's right!!!


This is at women's conference.  We watched it twice.  Really cool.

I (LeAnn) received the following message last
Wednesday with these pictures below!
"Good morning Sister Austin, My name is Lesina Maiava from California.  My family returned from vacation in Belize yesterday.  My son has a HS friend serving in Belize so we decided to go visit with him on Monday before we returned home.  We had the pleasure of meeting your son as he was one of the 4 Elders serving in the Dangriga area.  You have a wonderful son and it was a pleasure meeting him.  He is doing well and he looks great.  I just wanted to share some pictures and video of him with you.  As mothers we worry no matter the situation, but I hope this can ease your worries and put a smile on your face today.  With Love, Sina Maiava"
Bless this dear sister - she truly made my heart smile!

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