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Monday, March 13, 2017

Life is very sweet...

Hello. So this week was normal... our investigator has lots of problems with his papers so him and his wife can't get married..so they can't get baptized...but they come to church every week and have started cooking for us every time we pass by. They are such an amazing family.

But besides that...it has been pretty normal. We are having a zone competition here in Belmopan... Belmopan zone (us, 4 sisters 6 Elders) vs the Cayo zone (10 elders and idk how many sisters). It should be easy... we have all the football players and I will be quarterback for the team and I have a Tongan as my lineman... no one will touch me hahaha :P But it should be fun.

It is starting to get really hot here so if you guys have any snow you can send that would be nice.... haha but it is nicer being on the beach because of the breeze. Things are cool though.

We told our cook no more...she wasn't necessarily giving us what we were paying for...so we are saving more money and eating more now so that is great :) haha

But besides that.... ummmm.... life is cool haha. Life is very sweet... that is a point of view that I have changed from being out here. Life is good. But anyways...if I think of anything else I will write it next week!! I'm too focused on football plans haha.

Oh also I changed my signature so that is cool...but if anybody has any ideas for a signature for me that would be cool as well!! But have a great week!!! RISE ABOVE!!!

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