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Monday, March 6, 2017

it is hot but things are going good

Hey things are going pretty normal here in Dangriga... just it is starting to become hotter everyday!! Wow it is hot but things are going good.

Brother Deras one of the most dedicated members here passed away on Tuesday. That was sad but the family is doing great and they didn't shed one tear that I saw which I thought was kind of strange... but they had some cool miracles to know 100% that he is okay. I got to help carry the coffin and other weird things haha but it was a neat experience. So many people came to the church yesterday for the funeral that they couldn't all fit. 

But we had a sweet tender mercy yesterday as well. DELIO AND DALIA FINALLY ACCEPTED A DATE TO GET MARRIED!!! They have been coming to church with their 10 year old son Daniel and they finally accepted a date to get married. What a crazy miracle. Please please please I'm begging you all to keep praying for them. They are such an amazing family.

But besides that everything has been normal. Take care there!! I hope it starts to warm up soon haha. And also if I could ask...please pray for Daneri so that him and Susan and Megan can get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity soon! THANK YOU!!!

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