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Monday, February 27, 2017

Do what's right and you will be happy!!!

Hey! I have to be really quick! But this week was interesting!! We had an emergency change in the house and Elder Richards left and we have Elder Kaufusi here with us now. But things are going good. No changes for this change!

Today we woke up at 4 today... my comp went to use the bathroom and when he put his foot down on the ground... his foot was ankle high in water. Our house flooded and we live on the second story. One of the bathroom pipes broke in our house and there was water EVERYWHERE!!! our neighbors were not happy! So we spent all morning cleaning...

I am a little sick, and we got an emergency call from a member in the hospital. We got special permission to go in the actual hospital and give a blessing to a member in a coma. Crazy experience. 

Also Saturday we went to blue hole which is SUPER PRETTY!!! Just so tempting as a missionary...you all have no idea... I almost jumped in... haha but besides that...things are great!!

We had a family pray and ask God if this was the true church and they all said that they got an answer that this is the true church! They have been twice already now. Please pray for Deleo and Dalea and Daniel. They need to get married and then we will see if we can get them baptized!

But thank you for all that you guys do!! Wish my mom a SUPER HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!! SHE IS THE BEST!!! Also I tried cutting my hair by myself... I miss my mom!! bahahah But take care everyone!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!! DO WHAT'S RIGHT AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!!

Our cute friend Jordan sent her girl scout project to Brandon for the children in Belize!  They loved making the darling craft she put together for them.

I tried cutting my own hair

 We went on an activity with the branch on Saturday to a place called bluehole

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