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Monday, February 13, 2017

how to get taller...

Hey things have been good this week! I have been super busy with tons of interchanges and tons of things we had to do. My comp had an infection and something to do with his lungs or something like that but he is back to normal right now!

I went on interchanges with an AP (assistant to the mission president) ...riding around in the car... lame haha :P No it was really cool, just the part that scared me was when he asked me something like "So how does it feel to have a ton of time in the mission" and that's when I realized...I have more time than him...not by a lot but still. Scary haha. But things are doing good.. baptizing is slow but reactivation is going so fast! I love it here!

Just money goes by so fast so I am eating macaroni and cheese with hot dogs every night!! I love it!! haha :P But...besides that, there is really not much to say! Enjoy the last bit of cold weather! Also if anybody knows how to get taller when you are 20 please let me know! haha

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