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Monday, February 6, 2017

learn learn learn

Hey things are going good here! The branch is picking up!! We had on a rainy day 27!! Which the fact that it was raining and 27 came is a huge miracle for us!! We are doing great! We have 2 guardian dogs that go wherever we go! They just cause so much traffic problems hahaha :P But it is super cool! I hope we can find who the owner is someday.... anyways... things are going good!

Please pray for Devona, Deleo, and Khadijah. They are really close to baptism but they all need small miracles to see that happen! Thank you so much for all that you guys do!!

I am pretty upset at the Falcons...hahaha but it was a good game good game...I think...I didn't get to see it..haha next year.

Anyways... I am learning A TON about the gospel that I can't even explain!! It is so amazing and God's plan is so perfect!! I hope you all are doing well!! Also my companion is suffering with the flu... not fun please pray for him. Interesting guy haha.

Cool things I guess...I stepped over a long black snake on accident... that almost gave me a heart attack haha, the beach is SO PRETTY!!! And we are starting to play basketball to bring in youth. Right now we have 1 who came last week. IT will be great! KEEP DOING WHATS RIGHT!!! You will be happy and learn learn learn :) It is important!! Take care!!

 we ate at this SUPER EXPENSIVE restaurant
and there were a ton of Americans who came...haha

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