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Monday, January 30, 2017

Do the small everyday simple things...

Hey I am doing great here in Dangriga with all the sand flies!! Everything is going good!! I hit a milestone in my life yesterday... I presided over the branch for Sacrament meeting... haha cool stuff. We did have the highest church attendance though that Dangriga has seen in a while. Things are going good! We are working so hard to baptize! Please pray for us that we can see miracles and receive those tender mercies!

Also hope that the Falcons can win their first Super bowl!! That is exciting!! But anyways... I forgot to write down all that happened this week. I did interchanges in Belmopan...caught my first fish in the ocean... got two new friends until kids shot them with rocks... and am getting stuffed off coconuts!!!

It is kind of chilly today though...it is weird! Anyways, we are doing good!! Trying our best to be obedient! Cooking Mac and cheese with hot dogs everyday!! haha and telling drunk high people to repent :) It's a fun life and you feel good about it after haha. Also I am getting pretty good at beach futbol so anyone who thinks they can beat me..every thursday at 4:30 hahaha just kidding but it is fun! Anyways... DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!!! Do the small everyday simple things and GREAT THINGS shall come to pass:) I love you all have a great week!!!

I caught my first fish in the ocean!!!
 crazy activity night

 my friends and my view from the computer

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