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Monday, January 16, 2017

just like it says in the Bible. So live it!!

So the last two weeks!!! Ummmm...it has been actually kind of cold lately haha to be honest. At least in the mornings and at nights...I shiver as a walk haha I don't know what happened....but it is so nice!!!

I AM GOING TO DANGRIGA!!! Right on the ocean side haha I'm so excited!! It will be sweet! I love Orange Walk so much and I am sad to leave but it is about time. I forgot to explain the mission schedule change. So the missions changed the schedule. We still have to wake up at 6:30 but we can personal study...excersice...and now we plan in the mornings not at night and we can do that whenever we want between 6:30 and 10. Then at 10 we leave to go teach but we come back for two hours that we choose would be best hours to come home and do language and comp study. It is really nice and helps everyone to go to bed on time and not be so stressed in the mornings! So that is cool. 

Also I have learned and experienced the powers of priesthood blessings, which are real and help so much according to the faith of the person. I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! Also last week OW3 (Orange Walk 3 - area) had a wedding and the people were going to get baptized...but since their wedding they haven't been ready to be baptized anymore so they are pretty down...please pray for the Orange Walk branch!! But it is doing great!

Also a deadly caterpillar crawled on me...haha pray that doesn't happen again either haha. But that is about it!! I can't remember much and I'm just super excited about changed and nervous and whoah...haha and I am actually fighting with Elder Richards over who is DL (district leader). We both heard different things. I heard he was and he heard I was and we will live in the same house haha so hope that he is!!! I am excited to go see him!!! But anyways...THE GOSPEL IS SO EXCITING!!!! AND HAPPY AND AMAZING AND TRUE!!!! the only way to know it is true is by living it just like it says in the Bible. So live it!! Love it!! And you will find out if it's true or not :) (which p.s., it is!!)

Randolph is who wrote that (top left corner)...
he is one of the smartest investigators ever and such a nice guy

Here's a close-up of what Randolph wrote to Brandon...such kind words.

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