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Monday, January 2, 2017

Families can be together forever!

Hey!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Sorry I'm a day late, I couldn't really use a computer haha but I hope you all had a great new years! I had the best new years!!! The best forever!! Things have been kind of going slow here with all the party party and I have been stuffed forever...I am still stuffed I don't even want to think about food. My companion and I haven't boughten food since the 24th of December and we won't have to for a while... that's always nice for a missionary :) It is weird thinking I spent that whole year as a missionary...it flew by!!!

Anyways...so new years whoah I couldn't sleep...haha people are crazy here but we woke up early to go show this investigator named Randolph where the church is because he is dying to go. This week he has been doing so much personal research about the church. We found him a while ago because he was praying to know the truth and no other religion satisfied what he was looking for, he said there had to be more. We showed up and he quickly let us in and he taught us the Restoration lesson asking it if it was all correct and he knows more about it than I do....hahaha.
So we have been teaching him for a while, and this one lesson we taught him how the gift of the holy ghost is important after baptism because he was baptized as a catholic when he was little, and he was scared of being rebaptized. But he is the smartest person I have talked to down here it is insane how smart he is and how much he remembers. Anyways he was talking about how we wants to be rebaptized and we somehow got into where we go after this life and he said "But it doesn't make sense. What happens if I go to the celestial kingdom and my wife and kid go the the terrestial kingom...I wouldn't want that" and my companion and I just sat there in awwww....and then yelled out as fast as we can 'WE HAVE AN ANSWER FOR THAT!! FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!!" and his mouth just dropped...the only reason he isn't married but lives with his wife is because he hates the line until death do we part, and he never wants to hear that. So we told him we would prepare a good lesson for him and left him with that. He was texting us all day the next day asking if we were coming and I went on interchanges with Elder Abilez and we taught him an amazing lesson!! He is so cool!!!
So he took the hour long walk with us at 7 in the morning on new years day, didn't drink for the first time on new years and instead spent the money on his family, and at church he talked with one of the counselors for an hour telling him the story how he feels so different when we come to his house and how he wants to go to the temple and get sealed and asking who he needs to talk to to get baptized...it is insane. He is going to try and bring his family this next week.
He made my week and it was the perfect way to start off the year. We are bringing him to a family home evening today with him and his family at a members house so we are excited. Please pray that things will go well. But anyways haha this is what makes the mission amazing!!! I hope you all have a great week and close to as good as new years as I did! Take care!!!

last free pizza party
so much food...ughhh
I bought a cool swimsuit but I never tried it on before
and it is too big for me...I need to eat more

we messed up the first batch...haha but they were super good!!
(Brandon asked for this recipe during his Christmas skype:)

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