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Monday, December 26, 2016

I felt the love that God has for every single one of his children, but that God will not take away our agency.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Yesterday haha but HAPPY NEW YEARS this Sunday!!! Remember church is super fun and the best way to celebrate :) except for being a missionary that is pretty fun too (even though people call us #partypoopers) hahaha! but it's okay.

I am still stuffed from yesterday ughh I hate being full. But things are going well here! Tons of Marijuana and drunk people.... but they are so nice that is the good thing...like crazy nice... too nice haha. Ughh and Dumb Cavaliers... I know I shouldn't talk about that but I heard it was pretty intense haha. Ummm...but besides that things are going well! I love the mission!! Time is flying which is just weird, sometimes I like it sometimes I don't and it scares me. BUT MY FAMILY ESPECIALLY MY BROTHERS HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED!!! I hope everyone hasn't changed that much.... I'm scared... aha what can happen in 7 more months...whoah.  But I hope you all are doing good and things are going great! Enjoying the nice weather up there!! (It is weird saying up there to GA)

But although this Christmas was super happy and good it was also sad seeing how addictions are destroying practically everybody. Addictions come in so many forms. I was talking to this drunk guy, and he just started crying, saying "I used to be a good kid like you. But he got me...he trapped me and he wont leave me. I just want to be a good kid again (He is like 27) please tell me what I can do. Please help me." And he was in tears and I had no idea what to do and I prayed for help and invited him to church but it was so sad. I have heard stories of missionaries crying because people won't accept the gospel but to be honest I have never really had that experience until that day. And I just felt so bad because I couldn't help him, and because the addictions are sunk so deep down especially here with alcohol. That was an amazing experience for me because I felt the love that God has for every single one of his children, but that God will not take away our agency. That moment definitely changed my life.

Also another cool tender mercy was this lady from the states sent our ward a ton of presents and said give all the presents to one family who needs it most. So we went on a mission and found this less active family who are SUPER humble and super nice and just seeing the kids face when they saw the presents was priceless. I always forget to take pictures...ughh haha. But I had a wonderful Christmas and next year will sure be different. But I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well and take care!!!

our investigator does scuba-diving tours haha and he found all of these
Merry Christmas!

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