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Monday, December 12, 2016

feeling some peace

Hey so my new companion Elder Contreras is amazing and we are doing good work!! Things are going good...walking...sweating...haha ummmm...eating... playing basketball....trying to be leader of 4 sisters.... and waiting for hot water again...it's been like 4 weeks with cold water...after my year in El Salvador with cold water...haha anyways...things are going good here!

I tried gluing this angry bird I have on my back pack in a restaurant and it started smoking and got really hot and I think it was about to catch on fire...but it didn't luckily.
One of our baptismal dates got put in jail...so that is sad... ummmm I DUNKED A BASKETBALL!!!! hahaha but the rims were shorter. We sometimes on Monday nights go out with members and play on top of this 3 story building with a chain linked fence around it and show people that we can do more than walk around haha and that was so fun. "But He's from the states that's why" hahaha cool stuff. anyways... missionary stuff haha.

This week has been good just really hot, but I have finally been feeling some peace after a crazy change haha. We have been finding some really smart people to teach and that just makes our job so much easier when people try to understand because they themselves have a desire to learn.

Christmas is coming...what the...haha Time just flies by. But I had the primary program yesterday and I played the piano and that was super cool. Cool things that are happening this week, my companion completes one year in the mission, anddddd....we have tons of food appointments...haha. But anyways, haha I have no idea what to say anymore to be honest but if anyone has any questions or is curious to know anything feel free to ask haha :P Have a great day/week!!

Angel in his primary program, water break...haha,
and a random boat passed by...

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