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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fear not...

Hey this was an amazing week to be honest!! We had a cool branch activity on the beach and we cooked hotdogs and played games and had a fire on the beach. The following Sunday, the attendance, 37!!!! WOOHOO!!! haha that is so much! So things are going great!

We had interviews with president, that was amazing and a multizone! Things are going great!! I gave a talk this Sunday in church and my companion too gave an unprepared, unplanned English talk. He did good!!

We had a funny birthday surprise...we bought a cake on Saturday, and we set it up Sunday morning for Elder Merida with a 2 and 1 candle (we drew a 0 on a sticky note because he is only turning 20.. forgot to take a pictures haha) and we started singing happy birthday as he came out of the shower and he stopped us halfway through the song and said "guys guys...it's tomorrow..." and we all just paused their in silence...and then started laughing hahaha Elders these days... but we are celebrating his birthday kind of today!

And also I WANT TO WISH MY BROTHER A SUPER HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! haha sounded fun... hehe but I can't believe he is taller than me when he is 15... I am 19...

But I have realized this week strongly and I have felt like the devil has more angles here in Dangriga and is taking control of everybody and I'm sure that the people in these branch feel hopeless sometimes... but I read a cool scripture. You all should look it up and it is very true and applies to us always. 2 Kings 6:16 :)  *"And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them."

but anyways.. HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK!!! DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!! And pray that our dog doesn't die... people are getting angry at it and it spent the night outside of our house and the librarian is angry because it keeps wanting to get in... also we went to the bank today and it wanted to go in and a police man hit it with the stick thing they have... haha please pray for orange.

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