El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

everything is good...

Hey I hope everone is good :) I am good :) have a good day :)

I really have no idea what to write...but....everything is good...I am hoping to baptize soon because we have a lot of potential we just need to reach it.

We did this cool service project on Tuesday that took all day. We helped cut down trees and leveled this yard which was huge and like a mountain in the middle and we leveled the whole thing. Just I couldn't take pictures there sorry. We also went to San Salvador for my companion to get a knee brace so things are getting better.

Also I am getting way better at soccer. I'm not at the par with these Latinos but I hope one day to be a competition haha, I do make some pretty good moves once a while though. I also found a cool quote by Thomas S. Monson. "one cannot forget mother and remember God. One can not remember mother and forget God." So that was really cool because I have an amazing mom!! :)

But anyways...alsoooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURTIS!!!!!! The second oldest brother!!! I hope everything is going good. He is going to be a Senior!! He put up with me for a long time and now has a break without me haha but I know he will miss me one day. Hope you are good buddy and it will be cool to see where you go on your mission!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Also if you guys wouldn't mind pray for familia chaves. They are having problems with alcohol. But thank you for all that you guys do and I love you guys!! Take Care!!! :)

service and haircut today

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