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Monday, January 11, 2016

todavia estoy aqui

Hey!!! For all of you who are asking, I am still in the same area...the smallest area of the mission haha just reknocking doors :P I must be missing something haha. Actually this week was the first time really in my mission where I had a witness that I am where I need to be with the right companion.

My new companion is Elder Echeverria. He has an interesting past, even in the mission but he is a great missionary!! We are doing so good and we are teaching amazing!!! He will have a year in the mission when I have 6 months. Almost everyone in the mission that came out with me except Elder Hallman is training. It is crazy, and I had a meeting with president and he said he didn't want to start me training because he wants to send me to Belize next change!!! :D I would be like the first one in our group to go!!

Also we get a new mission president in June and everyone is saying the mission is going to split. And if I am in Belize in that change, then I will most likely stay there the rest of my mission. That would kill my Spanish but I would learn Creole and Chinese!! haha super cool!!!

But anyways...my companion is amazing!! He is from Honduras and complains about this area but he works so hard! It`s kind of like a funny complain! haha. Also we found someone with a washing machine that will let us use it for free! Finally I won't use up all my mornings washing ahaha.

Monday we went to this BEAUTIFUL private beach and played football, frisbee, and soccer, and honestly it was the most beautiful and perfect beach I have been too, and it was one of the most fun times I have had in my life!

During changes I saw Elder Herrerra and I love that guy!!! He really was a great guy. He just ended his mission and honestly I kind of miss him haha.

But anyways, everybody here along with telling me I'm getting fatter, is telling me my Spanish is perfect except for my R's, haha but they don't really use the double R's or S's here in El Salvador. I love it!! I ate a pupusa loca nad it was HUGE!!! Holy cow...hahaha. But besides that everything is going great!!! I love it here :) Hope all is well up there!!!! I love you guys!!!

Bought this belt off a bus for a dollar and Elder Hallman drew me a map to help me out in Utah


huge pupusa and teaching piano

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