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Monday, December 28, 2015

SANTA VACA!!! (translation - Holy Cow!)

I can't even explain this week!!! hahaha it was so amazing and I have so many things to say!!! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! And our leaders who have been yelling at us for not having success, all their baptisms fell through because ellos son mentiras!!!!! but I was so happy!!! At our Christmas event though we had 16 baptisms fall through and only 6, 3 from the hermanas, one from us, and one from two other groups of missionaries so I felt really good!

I got spoiled from my family and my companions mom on Christmas and it was so good to Facetime my family!!!! :) Also I don`t know how but we received a tender mercy and our shower was mysteriously warm on Christmas!!!! Really cool present from God!!!

Christmas eve I ate at 5 families back to back to back to back to back...and at the last dinner, we couldn't even take a bite. We took home so much food but I'm not gonna lie we gave most of it away or threw it along the side of the road. I still feel full from it! Tasted natural chocolate from a big seed and we also have started running, me and my comp. Bought Cherry Coke and Doctor Pepper and we drank that on our hammock for Christmas!!!

I have so many pictures from this week but follow my moms blog to see them!!! Christmas here is different!! It is just like new years! Everybody does fireworks and everybody stays up so late!! Way different then the states! But presents really aren't a thing here! Also missionaries are the ultimate party crashers :P Especially when people are drinking haha. People just leave and end the party when we come. But we had tons of drunk people offer us coke and we tried to refuse but they wouldn't let us. We had to carry so much coke because they would yell at the tienda lady to give us more coke hahaha! Crazy drunk people...lol.

Also last Monday we played basketball!!! And not only that!! Basketball and the rims had nets and our background was palm trees and volcanoes!!! Don't think you can play basketball in a cooler area than that! Playing soccer at a stadium today!!! But also Saturday I had a sweet suprise...hahaha took another gringo out teaching with me that I think I recognize from somewhere :P It was really fun!!!!

But with our baptism there was such a change in him after his baptism. Sometimes as a missionary we just see a baptism, and it's just an act. Maybe we don't feel different after but the person who is baptized definitely does. He wants to serve a mission now! So I hope in a year that I can go with him to the temple!!!

I love you all!!!! Hope everything is going well and you guys are the best!!! I`m sorry for your Presidential Canadates but good luck with that!!! This was such an amazing week!!!!! :)

CJ ?

This is our cook!

 Christmas Day


 Christmas Card Picture :) It`s not just a drunk guy, but a drunk guy with a Santa hat :)

Some more fun pictures from Elder Hallman's Mom~

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