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Monday, December 21, 2015


So today was a great week I feel like!!! We got a new district leader (Holy cow I'm so happy I can't even start) and had changes with Elder Ostler again which was really fun actually :) I bought a new backpack because the other one I bought is already ripped up and ruined, and also someone in my ward gave me this really awesome tie for Christmas! :) Just estoy engordando bastante and it's not even Christmas yet!

Just the bad news is my companion has been feeling a little sick all week, not bad sick and we have still been working so very hard, but if you guys could pray for him I would love that! And pray that we can watch out for snakes...cause wow...haha holy cow we need to be careful. But everything is going good!!!

Got a letter from Thomas S. Monson :) My companion came up with a cool quote that I liked... "You pay before you get your McDonalds" hahaha and I have liked that! So up till now, out mission has had 1,060 baptisms this year and we have about 100 for this Christmas...and I was thinking, I took part in 4 of those.  Yesterday we talked to this guy, "How are you looking for the 27th, are you ready to be baptized?" He was really unsure and didn't really want to be baptized and he said "No, I don't want to be baptized this 27th, I want to be baptized on the 25th with that stake "Blanca Navidad" that you guys are doing"..... AHHHHH!!!!!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!

Elder Hallman and I have been working so hard, unbelievably hard being so obedient and we really haven't been having outward success, but we just got blessed for our work and not giving up!!!! I am so happy and he has his interview today and he is really shy and nervous so please continue to pray for Eric.

Also have a sweet photo...hehehe but I don't have my cord so I will probably have to send it next week. I have so many photos to send haha. Have had some really amazing ice cream and pupusas, just wanted to throw that in! But I hope all is going well and I hope you guys have an AMAZING Christmas!!!! :)

This week has flown by and next week will be even faster! It's crazy!!! I am having such a great time with Elder Hallman and I`m so glad you were able to talk to his mom!!! I love you mom!!!

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