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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Face-time!

Best Christmas gift was face-timing with Brandon - he looked and sounded fantastic!  He's enjoying his hammock, Coke (the only mission in Central America where it's okay for missionaries to drink Coke), the cooks who make him lunch and dinner daily, and lots of hard work.  Brandon said the time is flying by and he can't believe next month he'll be 1/4 of the way done.  His Spanish sounds great.  
His advice to the brothers was to be obedient.  There are things on the mission he wasn't sure about, but he smiles and says okey dokey.  Obedience is a top priority to Brandon.  He told them to make sure they have a testimony before leaving, that has truly given him strength especially during the first month when he said it was the toughest.  Lastly, to learn about the beliefs of other religions.  Brandon said it's nice to know about other religions so that common ground can be discussed.
Brandon's not fond of the wild dogs, but has learned how to deal with them and appreciates belts.  He doesn't like the "snakes" either.  Apparently those are girls who hit on the missionaries.  He's getting used to the hot weather, but misses hot showers.  He loves the people, loves his companion and loves the mission ~ we are truly blessed!

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