El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, December 7, 2015


THE TEMPLE HERE IS SO PRETTY!!!!!! The prettiest temple that I have honestly ever been in!! And there is black snow everywhere!!! haha burnt sugar canes and it doesn't stop. It is still crazy hot here and those of you who want to change weathers PLEASE!! hahaha Take it!!!

But everything else is going good! We are working hard without lots of visual success but I feel really good about what we are doing!!! Just it made me so baggy after going to the temple because we went there, then went to Wendy's, where there was basketball on the TV, and then watched Parent trap on the way back (there is always a movie on the bus to San Salvador and back).

But if you guys could, please pray for Erick. He is really our only investigator who comes to church but he has lots of problems with commandments, but the people here are so nice and friendly and can talk forever, and I am definitely eating enough haha! I hope all is well there!!

And also yesterday I didn't know we were going to or it was on, but we were walking by our church and they had the Christmas Conference playing so we called and asked for permission and they said we could watch it, and that we should! AND THAT WAS AMAZING!!! and the music was unbelievably pretty!!!

But anyways, I hope all is well for you guys!!! Thank you for all the emails and support and hope you all have a great December!!! :) Don`t forget to wear a coat :)

ALSO I GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM HOLY COW YOU SPOIL ME LIKE CRAZY!!!! And thanks to Nick and Justin I have music and I am addicted to the bouncy ball!!! hahaha

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