El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, November 30, 2015

Things here are going great!!

So I hope everything is doing alright with you!!! Things here are going great!! Just can't get anybody to come to church so please pray for us!

Elder Herrera left me a 35 dollar hammock and we hung it up and every time I lay in it with my coke I feel like I am on vacation hahaha! Ate lots of Pupusas with Elder Hallman and we haven't had a single problem with Spanish, we just need to shoot up our vocabulary A LOT!

This week I have been the most tired but besides that everything is going good!!! It has been raining sugar cane pieces because they are burning them and they are getting everywhere!!!! It is annoying! It's still crazy hot, I don't think the weather changes here but besides that everything is going good!!

I started eating froot loops in the morning and starting to eat breakfast and I feel a lot better throughout the day haha. But besides that this was a pretty normal week.

But I'm really excited to go to the Temple on Wednesday!!!! Hope your Thanksgiving was good and please pray that our investigators will come to church or we will be able to find more! Our area is really small and I feel like I've talked to everybody I can! But thank you all for everything and I hope it all is going good!!!! I love you guys and until next week!!!!!


picture of fire is: clothes that the ants destroyed
and it put off so much smoke it was ridiculous!
I don't even know what that was but ew hahaha!

This was before we were companions!!! hahaha we had no idea!!!!!

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