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Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Hallman

So this week was crazy!!! It started off with me winning in basketball of course (still working on this pride thing) and then Tuesday we had a meeting with the president where we had a thanksgiving lunch and that was so good!! It was American type of food for thanksgiving!!

Then I found out that my companion was going to Belize that next morning at 3 we had to wake up, and since I didn't have a companion I was called to be Zone leader with Elder Ford and Talledo. Wednesday and Thursday was really easy because Elder Ford was leaving that Friday so we really just went around saying goodbye and taking pictures.

I also made my first pupusas with the Cordova family and that was so amazing!! The family I just baptized! I'm in a really crappy computer area because our zone leaders lost the keys to the good computers and I have 89 pictures to send so I don't know how that is going to work! But I love this so much and hope all is well. Elder Herrera also left me a $35 dollar hammock so that was amazing.

But then there were changes, and my name popped up as the SENIOR COMPANION so I was crazy scared..and then, ELDER HALLMAN!!!!! We had to be the loudest companionship ever yelling and saying no way and we ran up there screaming and that was so amazing!! Elder Hallman is this guy I found on Instagram before my mission and we talked a lot joking "I can't wait to be your companion out in the field" and we have talked a lot since. We came to the CCM (Mission Training Center) together and talked a lot and he is a really cool person! Just we are known as the gringos bajos because we are both short haha! BUT HE IS SO COOL!!!!

And everything has been amazing with him and we are working like crazy and haven't had a single problem with Spanish although we are both relatively new. We definitely have help. He gave me a CTR (HLJ) ring in Spanish so that is really cool and we are working and following the rules and I just could not be happier!!!! Ever since I've had him I have not wanted to leave my mission! I love this so much and this is so fun with him and we are working so much harder!!! I just hope I can have at least one baptisms with him so please help pray for us!

Saw a guy on a bike got hit by a car and there was an iguana running around our house and I got a video of Elder Hallman chasing it around with a broom haha, just wish I could send it. Also though we got lost in a bus and Elder Hallman said a prayer and this random member said "wait you aren't the missionaries here right?" And we told her we were lost and she helped us get back and ughh this is so amazing!!!!

And I get to go to the temple December 2nd!!! I'm just hoping since things are so perfect right now it doesn't flip soon!! But I hope you all have had a good week and that things are okay!!! Thanks for all your help and I hope you have a great week!!!! -Elder Austin!

The beach was so pretty and the food there was so amazing!!!!!!

 Making pupusas!
The kids had the camera so there are so many pictures haha
Had lunch at the stake and the HLJ ring Elder Hallman gave me:)
Iguana in our house haha (I think it's an iguana) and last picture!!!!!

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