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Monday, November 16, 2015

I learned not to bring a fan in the bathroom...

Sorry it's late and I can't really email a lot today because we have been searching for a place with internet for the past 3 hours and finally found a place but it is really slow.

Everything is going good and I HAD THREE BAPTISMS!!!! :) 3 kids of a non active family and I have lots of pictures of the beach and baptisms but I can't send them this week :( But the kids names were Hanz, Paola, and Natalia and I baptized Paola and Natalia and my comp baptized Hanz. Really cool!

I bought my companion beats ear buds to be nice to him for when he leaves for his house soon... :) And also helped this lady set up and decorate a Christmas tree! The beach was so amazing I can't explain and the food there was so good! I will have to send pictures soon just this week I went without bugspray but I have some this week so I`m very grateful! Played soccer and I scored a pretty cool goal :) Also played dodgeball with a stressball I bought with my companion in the house and I got to peg him in the face so many times and it was so fun hahaha and he can`t throw so it was amazing.

I'm being challenged to basketball today so I'm excited for that this week.  I learned not to bring a fan in the bathroom to go pee if you are going to stand up...so glad I just bought toilet paper...but anyways..about the soccer, the missionaries beat the best team in the stake so that was very cool thanks to gringo power.

I'm really loving the food here just ready for changes or a new companion. Could possibly be training this transfer on Friday but I will see.   Hope all is going well and so sorry it's so short and late!

I love you all and have an amazing week!!  Also if you have any questions or curiosities feel free to ask!!! -Elder Austin

I decided not to buy anymore soft drinks because they are killing my body, haha you were right all those years ..hahaha!
It's amazing what you figure out the more you learn - garbage food makes you feel like garbage:)
But it does taste really good haha just all my muscle is leaving. Haha I have found out you were right about everything you have ever told me I just don`t like admitting it hahaha!

Oh also my water bottle broke and the one Sister Cardon gave me is AMAZING!!!  Tell her thank you so much and it's saving my life!

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