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Monday, November 9, 2015

be careful what you listen to!

So this week has been a good week. We have had 5 birthdays and counting so I have had lots of cake! haha. Also I've heard a lot of the new songs over there and wow...be careful what you listen to!

Also watched another gringo snap a chickens neck and watched this lady clean the chicken and I ate the liver and the heart and some other parts and ughhh...haha. But everyone at my ward says I´m getting fat hahaha! And they all say it at different times. They say my cheeks are getting really chubby haha.

I BOUGHT PEANUT BUTTER!!! For 8 dollars!! When everything here should be cheap but it is definitely worth it. But my companions birthday present was I forgave him and tried to have a new start with him..haha but I´m going to buy him beats headphones today...it was just his birthday was on a Sunday.

Here I was thinking..everybody keeps telling me how dangerous it is here but honestly I would feel 20x safer walking through here with a hundred dollar bill in my hands than walking through Atlanta with a half empty coke bottle. Really the only dumb things are the dogs and mosquitoes nothing else. 
I saw on a bus some guy with his intestines out of his deformed stomach and his intestines were hanging out in bags and ughh!! Almost threw up.

Sorry this message will be so short, I have the crappy computer this time and I don´t know if I´ll get the pictures out even though I have so many but I hope all is going well!!  Have a baptism this Sunday so I´m excited for that!!

Oh also I got really sick Thursday I think from mosquitoes. Every single joint hurt in my body and I have never had a headache as bad as that before. But everything is fine now! I didn't get any rashes or anything like that so that was weird. Just it lasted like 2 or 3 days but everything is going good. 

Going to the beach today for P-day :) But anyways, hope all is well and take care everyone!!!!

 Birthday, a lady gave me that bag as a gift too! Crazy cool car!
twisting the neck of a gallena

It´s really hot...haha really really hot but it´s going good. Finally figured out the washing my clothes process and nothing really is bad except the mosquitoes. Doesn't really rain much so everything weather wise is really going well
So how do you wash your clothes?
Put them in water and soap for a while, take them out scrub and rinse haha

I played for the primary program here! haha just they didn´t know how to follow a piano because they have never heard one but I tried haha.

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