El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, February 1, 2016


PHEW!!!!! I am dying!!! hahaha I just ran a mile to get a missionaries shoes and a mile back without stopping and I am OUT OF SHAPE!!! holy cow...and I did the hardest hike of my whole entire life climbing up a volcano, but everything is going good, just I'm sunburnt and so sore...hahahah hardest thing I have ever done physically haha but all the gringos finished first so I felt proud.

Also there were people from Canada and Israel who spoke English so that was cool. but anyways that was really cool looking in the Volcano just I was so scared...because there aren't rails or anything...I'm definitely not living in the states haha but everything is perfect!  It's like I could live here for the rest of my life except two things. The shower water has been FREEZING and I am dying everytime I take a shower and I miss my iphone to text everybody and take selfies haha.

There has been a huge lasting 2 week party in my area and the area just smells like alcohol but it's so fun talking to drunk people haha, and the least dangerous thing ever haha. I have honestly felt so safe here from everything. The Lord definitely watches out for you out here.

This week too was the first week I met with our ward mission leader so that was nice and we have been taking out this young guy with us who loves to come out with us, and he stays with us almost all day haha. Just this week I have been so tired and the volcano isn't going to help, but it is all going good and I'm lucky I have a small area haha.

But ya... anyways, had a really cool tender mercy in which we were placed in the right spot at the right time to help this family with a greatly needed blessing and they are LOADED hahaha and they said any time we need anything or clothes or are hungry, don't even ask just come over and they will feed us and help us with anything. None of their family are members except their dad who lives in California and he was on Skype the whole time, and he got his wife to search for us for a blessing and he wants them to be baptized and she is really receptive. So everything is going great!!!!

My companion is being good and I love this area! and I'm teaching a lot of English. I hope everything is going well there and take care you all!!!! Continue to pray for Adiel Ramos if you can, the investigator that hopefully will be baptized!!!

Hey we are at a different cyber and I don't think I can send pictures but I have some really cool pictures so I'm sorry :(
These were sent to me I just forwarded them.


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