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Monday, February 8, 2016

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I have been dying this week...haha. I got one of the worst sunburns ever and am still sore from the Volcano, but everything else is going good it just makes me tired haha.

So I was spraying bug spray that our ZL's (zone leaders) gave us on my arm and my comp is like "what are you doing??" and he said "That isn't for your body" and then I just kept spraying it on me haha and he took it and walked around spraying every corner of the house except around us... and I'm just standing there like what the...hahaha it was kinda funny.

My area is one of the dirtiest areas and it has been so windy and hasn't rained since like October, not even clouds, and there is so much dust everywhere and I am filthy but it is pretty cool haha.

I also got bit by a parrot, that kind of hurt, and I stepped in a puddle and it was awful but then I got new socks from a member and they are really cool so it was worth it!

My comp has been sick the past couple days so please pray for him if you wouldn't mind but other than that I just wanted to complain hahaha but everything is going great! It is so fast I can't even imagine!!!

But ya...hope you guys had a good Super Bowl, apparently it was a good year to miss even though it was the 50th. haha but take care everyone! Could be in a different area next week but maybe I'll stay here for my whole mission :)

  I bought Crocks!

 last weeks volcano

ouch haha glad my mom prepared me with Alovera! :) 

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