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Monday, February 29, 2016


So, ARMENIA IS AMAZING!!! And my comp is even better!! He is a mix between Elder Herrerra and Elder Hallman and all their perks haha. I'm so lucky and we are spitting fire here!

Just last Monday we spent all day only cleaning the house, but it is so clean and nice. I'm living in Paradise guys. But I have realized that whenever I ask for prayers from you guys for a person...they always get baptized...so can you guys pray for Nubia, Jessica, Glendy, Dora Alisa, and Juan Pablo...they are all so close and we could have the most baptisms for a change with my amazing comp! Thank you guys so much for all that you do!!! Also that I can stop losing my skill at basketball, because we play every morning now but I stink now hahaha!

But ya...so I got pretty baggy because we saw Meet the Mormon and I saw GA. GA is so pretty I hope the weather has been amazing! Speaking of the weather...I got sick, I still am. But because I got a cold. It is so cold here... The second time I have been sick. The other time was Chicken Guña (I don't know how to spell it) I'm not sure if I ever said I got that...hahah but I am doing great!!! I'm really healthy and I can see the Lord's hand in everything.

My comp left this Catholic person chapter 8 in Moroni to read...and we came back... wow haha he definitely read that chapter and wasn't too happy but it turned out to be one of the best chapters to have given him and one of the most spiritual lessons that I have taught. But this week I have really felt the spirit probably the most constantly in my whole life. It's amazing!! And such a good feeling!!

And my comp is so funny!! We were laying in the hammock talking with Aliens and I was worried where the moon went. And we couldn't find it anywhere. I went to the bathroom to go pee and while I was peeing my comp yelled in English "Thank you Chinese for bringing back the moon!!" And I was really confused so I went out and the moon was right in the middle of the sky...and there are no clouds...haven't been any since October..so I am really confused. And my comp just kept telling me it was the Chinese people haha.

But ya...haha we are doing a lot of service here and it is amazing and fun, but really hard haha. But, we told these investigators who "don't have time to read because of chores" that we would come over to help them so they could read. We went over and helped them with water for like 3 hours...and the WHOLE time they read the Book of Mormon and didn't move, and wrote down lots of questions...it was so amazing!!!

But anyways, we are having a hard time with Elder Rigby's comp, Elder Rodrigues, so please pray for him that he can have the desire to work and be obedient please, but other than that things are going PERFECT!!! And the hermanas (sister missionaries) are cooking for us today for lunch so I am excited haha! Take care you all!!!

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