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Monday, March 7, 2016

Open Your Eyes

We are doing great!! I love my companion so much and it makes the mission so much easier!! And we have a great area too! I am so lucky!! But this was a really good week!! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!! They are working! These 2 guapo kids have 5 girls ready for baptism hahaha :P My companion is really good haha but they are all married or need to be married so everything is good and they aren't flirty :P Don't worry mom. But the only problem for most of them is that they are living together but don't want to get married. But we are doing really well.

I have been so tired because my companion works so hard! Just he is having problems with his knee so we can't walk as fast, and we went to a specialist so please pray for him. He is a great guy and needs to stay out here! We also had a sad experience. A hermana (sister) that we have been teaching left to San Diego to get baptized by her son, so really it is a happy experience just sad because we didn't get to see it. But we were part in the Lord's work by teaching. And if you guys could, please pray for Nubia, Jessica, Dora Alisia, Glendy, and Virginia, our baptisms that are coming up on the 19th. I would love that! Thank you guys so much!!

But anyways, a bunch of random stuff. I am finally getting closer on my R's!!! But I still can't yet, and our fish died :( So the mosquitoes are coming back :( but it is okay! Also it rained for like the first time in 4 months!!! But it probably won't rain again for a while but that was still really cool! I also solved a 4x4 Rubix Cube!!! :D Also our house used to be a school...I found that out so that's kinda cool, which I don't miss school btw haha.

We saw 2 talks by apostles this week, and one they showed us the original manuscript that Joseph Smith translated of 1 Nephi Chapter 3 so that was sweet! And the other was of Eyring (see below) saying "if there are any of you that think a computer picks where you go on your mission, you be careful. You be careful denying what I get to experience when I receive revelation on where you guys should go" That was crazy powerful!!!

Also other cool random stuff, I have recived MANY Miracles!! Especially about missed bus rides and I can't even begin to explain to you how crazy and cool answered prayers are if it's for the good. Thank you so much for your prayers. Also this week I was in one of the most powerful earthquakes that I have ever been in! It wasn't dangerously powerful but it was crazy and the ground was definately shaking! That was really fun haha.

But my comp, wow, haha please pray for him. He is so amazing and he deserves the best, and probably a different companion haha but anyways, I gotta go play basketball. Just last time we were playing football and the ball went out and the lady cut the soccer ball with a machetee..I don't know why, but haha some people here. But things are going well! I don't want to brag or be prideful, it's really all my companion but one day we had 52 LPE (people contacted), 13 lessons, 6 MARK (less active), 10 news (contacted and given date to return), and 21 invitations to baptism in one day! It was crazy!!

But I will talk to you guys later!! I love you guys and work hard to have miracles in your life!!! It's really cool :) Just need to "open your eyes"
 -Elder Austin

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  1. Loved this so much!! There are many miracles, many tender mercies every day in our lives, need to just open our eyes. Love it!! Amazing young man. Growing so much. Awesome!!