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Monday, March 21, 2016

this mission is sweet

Well we had a baptism!! It was really cool and it is this lady and her husband has been a member for like 3 years and they are really sweet and cute together so that was amazing and their goal now is on the temple! We gave them a poster and they hung it up (and gave us so many pupusas!) and they are such and amazing family, really firm in the gospel now and it just makes me so happy!!! So that was the highlight of the week!

I have been feeling amazing and everything is doing good. We might have a baptism this Saturday with Glendy Nubia and Yesika as well but they need lots of prayers right now but they are amazing! Also last Tuesday we went to the temple and that was so sweet and I had an amazing baggy experience there and gave me lots of comfort. But ya.... that's about all the highlights haha. But I was thinking as I flicked a scorpion off my leg while I was teaching...that this mission is sweet. Because in that moment most elders would be on a sofa teaching a lesson in a house and I'm in a hammock in the middle of the jungle when I teach my lessons. haha It is pretty sweet and I am really lucky!

But wow I have been eating so much and being full is such an awful feeling, haha but the food is so good! But I'm famous if you guys wanted to know..there is a video of this interview this drunk guy took on a bus of me asking me about the states and what I am doing here and about the gospel and mormons and it was kinda funny..haha I sat right by him and he was out..but he said he wanted to be baptized lol.

Also I saw this homeless lady from Sonsonate, that I used to talk to all the time and she is kind of crazy... but wow..haha all the Elders are making fun of me for my 60 year old crazy lady following me from Sonsonate haha, but she told me something really cool. We talked for a long time, and she looked at me and said, "You are a really good missionary. I am really glad that you take the time to talk to me, I hope to see you and your family some time in the future. Thank you for the book" and she went over..sat on the street and started looking at pages in the Book of Mormon and I almost just broke down right there, and I haven't really cried on my mission. It was a really neat experience even though she is crazy.

So that was cool, other than that we have been without electricity for like half this week but we should get it back today, and Rigby and I decided to go running one morning, and the dogs aren't used to people running... haha I felt like I was in a zombie dog apocalypse, it was scary haha but things are going well!! I love you guys so much and thank you so much for all your wonderful support!!! Take care!!!

 Beautiful Temple!

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