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Monday, March 14, 2016

A saber

Pues... I figured out that I actually don't know Spanish... I know a language called Castellano. The "real" Spanish is in Spain, haha but I love this language so much it's just really different, haha but things are going just I've been really tired!! But It's good :)

 Also...thank you for your prayers, we were going to have 5 baptisms this Saturday, but they all are slipping but I think we are going to have 1 baptism this Saturday (she already payed tithing this Sunday...) and 2, 3 or 4 on the 26th. So I realized whatever the timing of the Lord is, I will do and appreciate :) I'm just praying that the baptisms I have will remain strong.

But something sweet this upcoming week as well is that WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!!! Tomorrow actually and it will be really cool and really relaxing haha. I love the temple here! So thank you so much for all your prayers because today has been a really slow feeling week, not bad necessarily but slow, and I feel like everything is slipping but we are working so hard.

But if you guys could pray for someone, please play for Elder Rigby, he is having a hard time especially with his situation and who he is with. And not really having much success, and the one success that he was having (Mom please don't be scared because everything is amazing and I am REALLY safe :)), his positive investigator was killed yesterday before church. Some things I don't understand about the Lord's timing, but all I know is that things always work out for the better. But thank you so much for all your prayers and all that you guys do!!

I have been missing my mom this week a lot because we taught lots of family lessons and experiences and that made me "baggy" haha but things are going well now :P And another thing, so I got a little kind of bit sick Friday... and I had a headache until today, but I really felt all the prayers helping and it is amazing how fast missionaries over come sickness here. I am feeling great now though and everything is well!

I don't have it as bad as the person in "The other side of Heaven" which we saw a couple days ago and it is a really cool movie just kind of different and weird haha but really cool! I just wish that I could send videos, but just pictures which apparently are all on a blog my mom has if you guys didn't know. 

But I have learned many times during service this week to be thankful for running water. Getting water out of a well and into barrels is hard!! But I love you guys!! But one thing I've figured out is that even the poor of the poor people who don't even have houses here, have smartphones. And everyone here has more than 1... haha it's weird. The only thing they don't have is service but everyone has a smartphone. It is really annoying in church where there is wifi. But, take care you all and enjoy life but work hard so you can enjoy it after as well!! Take Care :)

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