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Monday, March 28, 2016

I don't want changes:(

So changes is this Wednesday and I'm really scared :( I love my comp and this area so much!! And we have lots of success in this area, but we will see. We had a temple activity Saturday for investigators and less actives, so that was pretty cool! Also I did a really hot and hard service project where we were helping dig a bathroom, haha and I got sunburnt, but I am doing good now!!

This week was a really relax week, where we had lots of our time taken up and we weren't really walking house to house or contacting a lot, but we are going to get back next week, if I still have a good companion :( But anyways, at the temple activity we saw people taking sealing pictures!! And that was pretty cool to see, I have never seen that before. and there was a little girl there so that was really special. Also I tried conejo (rabbit), for those of you who know what that is, and it tasted good, just it tasted like pure sadness. :( But It was still good haha.

Also I am getting really good at soccer. I was playing goalie, I 5 on 5 game, and I stopped a kick, then I was gonna pass it to someone, but they were all covered, so I set the ball down and started dribbling up the field. I should of got it on video because all 5 people on the field came up to me, and I juked them all out one by one jumping over people and running and it was crazy and I kicked the ball right under the other goalies legs for a goal and it was insane!!! I could never in my whole life do that again but I am getting better, even though the rest of the game I didn't do that good haha! But it is fun!

Just for those who knew me in Basketball before my mission, I used to be able to dunk a tennis ball in a 10 foot rim, and now I can't even touch a 9 foot rim. My hops are falling fast, but I can hike like no other haha.

Latinos for Easter go all out, and it's the whole week not just Sunday. It is crazy haha and lots of alcohol but it is nice. And I saw so many people walking down the street right by our house all holding candles, and I have NEVER seen that many people in my whole life. The whole street was crowded and wow, haha it lasted forever as far as I could see all walking by. If you want to know where a zombie apocalypse is gonna start, I know.

But this week was a good week, just I have come to realize something. I knew God was real and Jesus was real before the mission and had a pretty good testimony of it, but what I have gained a stronger testimony is that Satan is real. And he has power to do some really crazy things. But we are also stronger than him, and stronger than his power, because we are the literal sons of the highest being in all the universes. We have no need to fear. Just we have to fight to not let him take us over little by little, we have to bring ourselves closer to God and his power little by little.

But anyways, haha I hope you all are doing well! And take care and have an amazing week!!!! if you could pray for Glendy, Nubia, and Yesika please!!!

I helped dig a bathroom hole, haha 6 meters deep.

We got a shirt and went to the temple with investigators!

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