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Monday, May 30, 2016

leave a good impact for the people that follow

Today was a good week! Just wow really busy and we didn't do much, but we are hoping to spit some fire this week and get some baptisms in there. We have a really positive investigator with a date for the 4th whose name is Daneri, but he smokes, drinks and does coffee...so please pray for him. 

Also the bishops son here got back from his mission from Brazil and he is going to help us a lot so that is nice. 

Also I got new soccer shoes and they are pretty sweet. I can finally keep up with these Latinos haha. Just wow these people are into soccer. The final soccer game was Saturday and when we found out my comps team lost he kind of shed some tears a little and was pretty down the whole day, but he is good now. It is hard sometimes but I keep reminding myself that he is new, and think how I was when I was new. I couldn't even talk to people haha. 

I also went to the dentist this week, and things are going nice just my mom is probably saying "I told you so" Moms are always right.... hahaha but things are going pretty good. 

Nothing else really to say but I hope you guys have an amazing week and doing good! I saw a lady from my last area this week and she ran up to me and said "Elder AUSTIN!!!!" and ran and gave me the only thing she could find in her purse for me which was man's cologne. wow...that was such an amazing feeling. Although I felt bad for taking that from her (You can't deny gifts here) it was so amazing to see how people think back on me and that they still remember me.
 Whatever you do with your life, make sure you leave a good impact for the people that follow.

I only have 3 pictures.  My area and my new soccer shoes

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