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Monday, June 6, 2016

seeing better miracles

This week was alright. If I am going to be honest, one of the hardest in my mission and there isn't really a specific reason why, but I know this next week will be a lot better and the weeks fly by. We missed the baptism...lack of working on my part, and I am using that as an example to my companion. It is really hard for lots of Latino missionaries because they love to talk and talk and talk and talk, but they are really good too. But so the baptism will be this Saturday for sure and I am really excited for this baptism!! He is really amazing and the dad of a small family. Just he does have problems with drugs alcohol and coffee, but he is stopping fast! If you guys could pray for him (Daneri) that would be amazing!!

I had a couple cool birthday surprises, just I have been a little sick this week too, but things are going good. If you guys could pray for my ear too, it is okay just a loud noise went off in my left ear, and I can hear good it's just when there is lots of noise it rings easy, but I'm hoping it will go away soon.

I prayed for my comp to understand how we need to be in the house at 9, not 10, and I definitely got that answer haha. We won't be in the house late again :P So things are going good. This change has FLOWN by so fast I can't even explain. And also...GO GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!!! Woohoo!! Wish I could see the game but I am seeing better miracles haha :) Hope you guys have a great week!!

Questions to Brandon:
I doubt you are not working - is it because you've been sick?
What happened when you got home late?

haha no I have been working all week...haha. Nothing just a drunk guy asked us what we were doing and kissed my companions neck hahaha :P

 Other Surprise Party

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