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Monday, June 20, 2016

opportunity to teach about families

So this was a pretty normal week. We actually didn't get to meet the president (mission president - new one every 3 years) because he is coming in July...but we still had a really good multizone (missionaries from different areas) meeting. But things are going good.

I heard my Basketball team lost :( But my companion is happy because in soccer Chile beat Mexico 7-0...which in soccer...wow. I am forgetting a lot of English living with 3 Latinos but we have changes which I know some people are leaving the house so we will see how things go. I am not going to Belize though so I believe I am going to stay again here haha but we will see. I will know tomorrow.

It has started to rain here lately and my comp loves it...haha we area always walking in the rain with water up to our knees...it is crazy ahha but I have learned to enjoy it. ummm....besides that things are really chill right now... one of our investigators found out that she is pregnant so it is the perfect opportunity to teach about families. So...wish me luck this week in everything haha

Sorry I am not saying much it was just a super normal week. OH! no there is something. Yesterday we had stake conference and they asked me to improvise a song by ear on the piano without any planning and in front of everyone even the mission president....and if someone says that God didn't help me on that one be careful...haha. That was a crazy miracle.

And "machetees" from that conference are:
President "if you don't have a temple recommend then the temple is more than 5,000 miles away"
Random lady "When you give your temple recommend to the person who receives it, imagine you are giving it to Jesus Christ himself"
Cool crazy stuff...haha but the temple is an amazing place :) Have a great week!!!

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