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Monday, June 27, 2016

keep choosing the right

So this was a kind of normal week. It was a normal week but the normal weeks aren't that normal on the mission. Sooo....I lost one of my name-tags in San Salvador so I have to get a new one but luckily I have the sports one. I am staying here this change in Armenia again so that is nice! I will have a year in the mission and 2 areas...haha which I kind of like to be honest.

So things are going good...andddd this Wednesday I am playing basketball with the other 3 Latino missionaries against a team...but...not to be prideful but we are going to win haha. The other missionaries all thought that I was really weak because they are all huge (not muscular) and said that I couldn't even do 5 push-ups. So I challenged them. My comp got 20 something fake ones and I got 52.... so that was nice. :) And my comp was happy because Chile won the soccer cup for the Americas.  And....that's about it this week. Sorry it was fast I almost got off without writing the weekly. Take care you guys and keep choosing the right :)
my area...I keep forgetting to take pictures

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