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Monday, July 4, 2016

So many blessings come from the mission...

So things are going good here in this area, just I am getting really comfortable here and ready for a change...haha. But I really love this area and am going to miss it. Everybody in the house has had Diarrhea for the longest time, but I am the first one out of it in case you guys wanted to know. 

Basketball was so fun!!! Wow I miss basketball. Also I found my nametag, well the office found it and they gave it to me and they were about to order me a new nametag but didn't so I still only have one :/ But that is okay haha. We all met the new President this week and he seems amazing! This will hopefully be good and he didn't take away Coke yet so keep praying that I can keep drinking coke because it is a lifesaver haha.

So my convert here got the priesthood this Sunday so that made me feel really good and really happy for him. So many blessings come from the mission and you get to see so many miracles. Speaking of miracles I had a crazy miracle happen to me that lets me know that God watches over us and loves us so much. ANDDDD.....that's about it haha.

All my group almost except about 5 of us are in Belize...haha so I think I will most likely finish my mission there which is sad because I will miss the pupusas. But...there is nothing else really to say but HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

We asked Brandon what the miracle was that he referred to and this was his response:
So I was walking in this crazy cool area and I stopped to take a picture. And it was really beautiful, and then my comp started screaming and running. Then I started seeing black dots everywhere! Then I realized that they were attacking me and there were bees everywhere! It was scary and I dropped my backpack and ran. I felt the bees stinging me I think, and we ran for a while and stopped, but when we stopped we smacked the rest of the bees that were attached to us stinging us, and then I sat there waiting for the pain to start. And it never started...And I asked my comp if he got stung and he said I think so...and we sat there without marks or pain... and we went the whole rest of the day without pain or anything. And it really made me think of the garments and the promise it makes in the Bible about the missionaries and animals.  https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1992/10/bible-stories-and-personal-protection?lang=eng

 we had a cool family home evening in the ward (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Home_Evening)

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