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Monday, July 18, 2016

bravery to teach...

So this week was good. It passed by really fast because I was really busy. So things are going good. I had brownies yesterday and those were heavenly...except for the fact that the milk that we drank which I bought was expired even though it didn't say so. That was weird but no one is sick..yet. 

Ummm..we had our first interview with the new president and he is really cool :) Just his wife knows zero spanish but I feel that she will catch on soon. soooo...also yesterday everybody was telling me I have yellow eyes and that is something really cool as well I think...we don't have a mirror so I can't tell haha but I hope it is true.

Ummmm...so I weighed 130 the day I left on my mission...and I weighed myself for the first time since I've left (last july) and now I weigh a little bit over 150....so that explains why I can't touch the rim in basketball anymore...haha.

There was something my leader said too..."If you baptize people and come back home the same...you have failed your mission". That is something that has stuck with me. Also I have really learned about training. We call the people we train our "kids" and I have realized...everybody wants perfect kids...but no kids are perfect and we get upset because they aren't perfect, but only my mom is lucky to have her oldest son perfect (:P) but we really have to have patience. And I thought my brothers taught me patience before my mission but I had no idea...anyways...haha things are going good.

I feel like I am leaving my area soon on August, so I am trying to leave a good mark here. Also last week we had a ton of people come play basketball and I had the bravery to teach them all a lesson right before, and then some kid spoke up and said "Thank you, I'm really glad you do that and hope you will every Wednesday" So basketball is something amazing that has helped me connect to the youth here. Anyways...I love you guys and hope all is well! Take care!!

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