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Monday, May 16, 2016

My second son...

So I am training...again haha I have been senior companion all of my mission except my personal training haha. Things are going great. I had to put up with Quintanilla and Rodriguez though for two days because Rigby left to go to Belize, but now I have my new companion. His name is Elder Rodriguez from CHILE!!! It is so cool haha. I love him and he is a really nice guy and he wants to work so hard, just kind of weird, but he is amazing. Exactly what I need right now. Even though Elder Rodriguez is still in the house, I feel things will be a lot better haha.

But I set a baptism date this Sunday to a guy for this Saturday...last time he was all ready but ran away on his baptism date, so please pray for him, and what a blessing for my new comp coming in to a baptism. :) I`m trying to be the best I can be for him, a little bit super obedient, but it is something that I have learned in my training that lots of people forget. But he wow...he wants to be more obedient than I can even try to be, haha he is struggling a bit but not as much as I expected. Just keep us and our investigators in your prayers please.

My comp was a cook before his mission, so needless to say I am getting bigger even though my mom doesn't believe that haha. So I don't really have anything else to say except I feel like a mom in the house and wow a mom's job is hard annoying work. But I played a joke on my comp, I told him to order a hotdog you had to say chucho caliente, so my comp went up to order and he said chu cho caliente and the people just started laughing. Because really it is hot dog like it is in English, but that's what he said. Chucho calient means like a dog, that is kind of excited...hahaha.

But anyways, I'm hoping for a great week!! I love you guys and take care and wow time passes fast!!!! PRAY EVERYDAY AND READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!!!!! Take care :)

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