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Monday, May 23, 2016

please pray for...

This week was a great week!! We had another baptism but I'm honestly not sure if he was ready..but he had the desire and the president did an interview with him a while back but we got him in the water now finally haha. He did show up 4 hours late to the baptism than at church the next day but he is a great guy with an unbelievably hard life. But that was cool.

We had a CRAZY Powerful lesson last Monday. If I have time I will explain it here but I´m not sure. Anyways...This was a good week. My companion is good, just he has been having bathroom problems so please pray for him :P He is so funny about it hahaha. Some days I love my comp, some days he drives me insane. but I always think about my first days in the mission and he is doing great considering the circumstances.

But no this week has really been amazing and this next week is going to be busy!! And also this Friday I am going to the dentist so please pray for me... :) but everything is good, it is hard teaching my companion dollars for the buses because he is used to Chilean money which is really complicated, well it seems, haha not for him. But so that is cool, and I will tell you the story :)

So we were at this lesson of a wife who is a member, a husband who is not a member, and a little 3 year old girl. It was a pretty powerful lesson and I was surprised on how strong the spirit was but I didn't know why. Then the wife said, "I want to tell you story. I was watching a movie with my little daughter about Jesus Christ. And when the actor came on the screen I pointed him out and said look, that is Jesus," (at this moment she paused and started crying and the spirit swept in so strong) "and my little daughter looked really confused, and told me ´that isn't how Jesus Christ looks like. And that is not his voice either´ " and then she went on a little bit more about the story and the little girl was testifying of what her mother was saying, a little 3 year old girl and walked over to her mom and wiped off her tears. And then the husband said "That's when I knew I had a special daughter. And I haven't been the best father or husband and I want to change my life for her" And later my comp invited him to be baptized and he is being baptized on the 4th. It was honestly one of the strongest times I have felt the spirit and it was really amazing. Something I will never for get. So please pray for brother Daneri please.

and alsooooo.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER AND HAVE DONE MORE THAN YOU KNOW FOR ME IN MY LIFE!!!! I hope you realize how amazing you are and how much you do for the family. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I hope you have an amazing birthday and that the family does something special for you haha. We will have to fly to Belize after too!!! Thank you for supporting me and giving me a good example on what a father should be like!! Have an amazing week :)

I tried to let my comp baptize him, but he chose me, I was kind of bummed haha but happy at the same time but my comp and I were really happy to have a baptism :)

Hey just looking at your baptism pants - they look huge on you - do you need smaller ones? ohhhh...hahaha those were my comps new pants that haven't been hemed or touched. He bought them in the CCM. MY pants are on the guy and they fit on me perfect haha. So no I am okay :)

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