El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize Mission Spanish Speaking July 2015 - July 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

work of the Lord

HELLO!!! IT IS HOT HERE!!! I am dying!!! hahaha no not really but we are sweating off every single bag of water we drink! haha it is fun. We are working hard here, not too much success. It kind of stinks during the day because everybody tells us it is too hot to listen to us and we are always the only ones in the street... haha but it is okay.

THERE IS A NEW CHINA RESTAURANT THAT WILL OPEN RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE!!!! We are so excited!!! There are Chinese EVERYWHERE in Belize EXCEPT bullet tree. It is really cheap to buy but amazing yummy and filling food. There aren't really many restaurants here and they all sell the same 3 things. Tacos empanades and salbutes. Those are good, but we are excited for the Chinese restaurant haha.

Besides that nothing really much. Everybody is ALWAYS in the river swimming...it's crazy how full one river can get. I didn't even know that many people lived here, and just stand there... haha but it's okay we are in the work of the Lord. 

Soooo... my family surprised me... I got a 1 year old sister.... haha SURPRISE!!! that is crazy (it's a dog) but that is pretty exciting! I don't know how my brothers are doing all these things and getting mom's permission... haha they are smart. I think she is just busy with what date I am going to be home which I still don't know yet.

But anyways.... We are going to play soccer in knocker balls right now!! It should be fun if there are clouds!! haha Take care!! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

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