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Monday, May 8, 2017

Super Amazing!

I really don't know what to put for the subject sorry. But this week was GREAT!!! Super amazing! The weather cooled down a ton to the point where I wake up trembling and have to turn off my fan and put on my hoodie.

Also we had interviews and multizone with president Adams (mission president) which was super cool and I saw someone get baptized in like a pool thing haha really cool.

But... I tried to stop drinking soda. I forgot to tell everyone but I went 2 weeks without soda, and then... Elder Burrell tempted me to drink a swallow of Root Beer he found and had a swallow left... ughhh forgiveness is hard. But This week except for that I haven't dranken soda since. But things are going good!!

Trying to Finish reading the Book of Mormon before I go home! I'm in Alma 44 and I read everyday!! Super cool and the blessings that the prophet promised are real!!! Also we have been having contention between us and the branch president who doesn't even live in our area, and we had a meeting with him, and we are starting home teaching up, visiting teaching, piano lessons every week, Relief society activities once a week and youth activities which neither has happened in a LONG time. The attendance last sunday was 25. Yesterday was 49 with 7 investigators. We are really happy for the success that is happening right now and we hope that it continues!! Please pray for Bullet tree!!

Also a Chinese restaurant opens up tomorrow we think!!! Time to get big!! haha. But you all take care!!! AND ENJOY YOUR MOTHERS DAY!!!! Oh and Also I learned how to juggle 3 objects without dropping them.... I learned with oranges that people gave to us on our long walk to the next house. Miracles are still happening haha.
Dangriga (last area) pictures!
Knockerballs - This was super fun haha!

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