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Monday, May 22, 2017

I love the experience that God has given me

Well.... I have a lot to say this week. So... I got my flight ticket... crazy stuff. Crazy how time flies. Tomorrow I start my last change. And I am staying here in Bullet tree but I am receiving a former companion, Elder Herrera from Panama. It should be an interesting change haha but we get along well.

But wow.... I don't really know what more to say. I just hope my dad has an AMAZING birthday!! :) I just came from a baptism.... wow... what joy that brings to my heart seeing people get baptized. Even though I didn't know them, haha it was still very special.

Church attendance was a little down like in the 30's this week, but we think it was because of the activity we had on Saturday night, but this week should be good!! The members are getting along a LOT better than before!!

It is so hot in this country... haha but I have found joy in all of the things I have used to dislike. I can feel myself changing in a good way. It is amazing. I am happier and always full of peace for the most part, even though almost daily I feel the sadness that the book of mormon prophets had when the people wouldn't listen, but I have become a lot closer to the Lord. I love this mission. I love the experience that God has given me, and I love this gospel and the plan that God has for every single one of us. Families are such an essential part in God's plan.

Well... keep praying for me!! haha the fried chicken place still isn't open and I am getting pretty skinny without it so please pray that it opens haha. HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK!!!

The dog is ours pretty much haha "White" is it's name

Mothers Day activity!!  I wish you could have been there mom.
We went to a wedding in another area because they were
former investigators of my companion.

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