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Monday, November 7, 2016

wearing the name-tag changes so much more...

Hey. This week was cool haha I guess pretty normal. I had many really sweet things happen to me. So lately in the Branch like no one feeds us...haha but things have begun to change. We are visiting the members more and we almost have a free meal set up for everyday and we have never mentioned anything about food to anyone! So that is a sweet blessings. For you missionaries out there...haha visit the members too!!

We were at this one house and she was like "so what do you all eat" and we told her we buy stuff. and she said "wow, I am sorry. I know you guys are representatives of Jesus Christ. Every Wednesday I want you here at my house and I am going to feed you all special as if Jesus Christ is coming" .... Whoah... So we will see how that goes on Wednesday haha I'm pretty excited.

But I have really been thinking about the mission a lot. How people prejudge the missionaries...haha sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way, and how just wearing the nametag changes so much more than you can imagine.

But anyways..haha Abner (a young man I had the opportunity to help baptize) bore his testimony yesterday and the whole branch is talking about how he is on fire. He goes to EVERYTHING and helped leave to teach with us yesterday. But I would like you all to please keep him in your prayers. He has some sort of desease :( Yesterday he was feeling bad, and we gave him a blessing. And the blessing was really sweet and spiritual...until he started twitching and his heart was racing and he couldn't stop and was about to pass out. It happens to him all the time. Our branch president rushed to get him to the hospital but on the way he stopped and was okay, which was a really cool fulfilled promise. But please keep him in your prayers.

Also my companion is learning English FAST!! keep him in your prayers as well. Also I was thinking about how before I was a missionary, I have never before really thought so much about the sacrament and as a missionary I feel I need it more than ever! And I get a wonderful tender mercy. Our branch is slowly splitting. It goes from 8-12. At 8 is Sacrament in Spanish and then from 9-11 are classes and from 11-12 is Sacrament in English! I get to take it twice haha which really helps me think about Jesus more. But anyways... haha sorry to brag.

There are a ton of things I could brag about but I would just like to wish you all good luck tomorrow and America with the elections tomorrow...I just realized I am old enough to vote... wow... I always thought I would haha but I guess not. I hear though it's like picking the best of two evils but we will see. But thank you so much for all that you guys do!! And have a great week!!! -Elder Austin 

P.S. - Marilee (Brandon's piano teacher) asked him about playing the piano and this was his response: "Every week for Pday I play the piano because in my district it is just a bunch of girls...Pdays aren't the most fun..haha but I found a way to get along. They won't play sports so I play the piano and they bring tons of piano music and they just sing."
Ha - silly girls, not sure why he can't get them to play basketball:)

Another backpack and P-Day:)

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