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Monday, November 21, 2016

Piano Story

Brandon didn't have much time today - this is all we got...

I am in corazal right now in a hoodie because it is cold!! haha we are going to the ruins again today

SISTER GARDNER YOU WERE RIGHT!!! So I went to this wedding...and everything was cool yay yay and then it was 5 minutes until the bride walked in. They had NOTHING ready..not even the person to lead the meeting. Some random guy who wasn't even dressed stepped up and did it..and it was 5 minutes before and then the branch president called me up like "hey can you play the wedding song while she walks in and then all the other songs" and I said "what is the wedding song" and he said "I don't know, what they always play at weddings" and I said "No I would need the music" and then he got mad and said "what are you serious?? We will need to postpone the wedding and he was getting upset and then I was about to say why don't you go play it but I was trying to be a good missionary and then the senior couple missionary found it online on their ipad and then everything went well after that and I played that... but that is my wedding story haha super random sorry. -Elder Austin
Wedding!! funny story...

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